The following are testimonials from clients who have worked with me,
both individually and in mindfulness essentials classes.​​
Their confidentiality, which I honor to the highest degree, is protected.

  1. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my soul. Words cannot express my gratitude for having you in my life.
    female, 28 depression, suicide attempt
  2. This year I celebrated 7 years of continuous sobriety...it is good to be reminded of where I started with you...mindfulness, non-judgement and other tools I use everyday in recovery. I am truly grateful.
    male, 60 former client, alcohol dependence
  3. Thank you for giving me the gift "to be present". I am so grateful to you for helping me facilitate positive changes in my life.
    female, 43 work stress
  4. The class was very well organized and paced well. Thank you for providing this class. It has changed my life.
    mindfulness essentials class participant 2016
  5. Sarah was very kind, understanding, knowledgeable and presented great information. This class has really helped me in my journey of mindfulness and patience, acceptance and compassion.
    mindfulness essentials class participant 2015
  6. Thank you so much for helping me have resources and techniques to help with my anxiety and depression. You've helped me raise my self-esteem.
    female, 25 depression, anxiety
  7. The best teachers show you where to look, but not what to see. Thank you.
    male, 46 depression
  8. Sarah is consistently professional, considerate of needs and respectful. She targets main issues and productively approaches solutions. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!
    female, 54 alcohol dependence, bereavement
  9. Sarah was an excellent teacher. She made me feel very comfortable. I found the entire experience was great.
    mindfulness essentials class participant 2013
I appreciate all my clients who take the time to write a review and help others who are looking for services make an informed choice!
Thank you!
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